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From Croatian Islands to California beaches


Finest Old World recipes hand crafted from


amazing California ingredients.
OldWorldSpirits Custom Alambic Hybrid Still
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Old World Spirits / Kuchan Cellars is a California craft distillery and an estate winery with multi-generation, Croatian family legacy. 


Using our family old world recipes, hand-crafted techniques, finest innovation in process and technology and local ingredients we have redefined California craft spirits for the last two decades.   We design our own equipment process and techniques and whenever possible, grow our own ingredients.

Our mission is to reach beyond mass-produced, industrial ‘booze’ and win one fan of fine craft spirits at a time.   We mash, ferment, distill and age our whiskeys from hand-chosen grains, make wine and brandies from our estate grapes, and hand pick our citrus and walnuts from Kuchan Estate vineyards in Morgan Hill.  


WE MAKE OUR OWN WORLD CLASS PRODUCTS and are not just a marketing brand.  

We started Old World Spirits long before craft distillation was a fad and continue believing that no amount of fancy marketing will cover up bottling of mass produced 'liquor' trucked in train cars from an industrial factory in Indiana.  Our motto and a driving belief is that:

“Good Stuff Needs No Special Effects”. (TM)

It means that we do not hide behind slick marketing, fake ingredients or others producing our products behind the scenes.  Also it means that any ultra premium product should shine on its own, straight out of the bottle.


Using Kuchan-designed and German-manufactured superior distillation equipment, Old World Spirits is able to create worlds finest spirits by paying attention to every detail and not cutting corners to make profit.

Old World Spirits was started in 2005 by Lucy and Davorin Kuchan. Lucy's Irish roots span family winery, brewery and cider and Davorin is a Croatian-born third generation winemaker and master distiller. A Silicon Valley veteran and a UC Berkeley Haas graduate, Davorin grew up among family vineyards in Croatia and subsequently studied distillation at Michigan State under our dearly departed  Dr. Chris Berglund, one of the driving forces behind Craft Distillation revolution in United States today.

Welcome to our California family of hand-crafted world-class spirits and wines.  

Welcome to Old World Spirits / Kuchan Cellars!

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