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Our premium tasting experiences are complimentary for OWS Spirits Club Members.  
OWS Spirits Club members also receive special releases and discounts on purchases.
With purchase of a single tasting you will receive:
$5 / bottle discount with tasting for a single bottle purchase or
$20 / 3 bottle discount refunds available with purchases
Join us for tasting & purchase

FEW RULES (ours and theirs):


We are delighted to open our distillery doors for tours, tastings and purchase with some limitations:


All tastings are strictly 21 years and over with a valid ID required.  We card EVERYONE.


Since this is an adult playground, infants and children are not practical on the premises.

We love pets, and outside service dogs, well-behaved dogs on leash are permitted on our distillery patio.


No outside food/ alcohol, drugs or illicit substances are allowed on our premises. 

We reserve the right to accommodate and serve any patrons who we believe are under the influence or unfit for tastings. 

Purchases are limited to 3 750ml bottles/person/day or equivalent.

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