From our Old World Croatian roots, winemaking is in our blood.

"Old Vine Zinfandel as good as it's origins in our homeland, Croatia"

Kuchan Estate Cellars Winery is an estate vineyard and winery, started by Kuchan family.



Old World Spirits / Kuchan Cellars was started in 2005 by Lucy and Davorin Kuchan. Lucy's Irish roots span family winery, brewery and cider and Davorin is a Croatian-born third generation winemaker and master distiller, studying under Dr. Chris Berglund at Michigan State University.

Davorin grew up in Croatia in a winemaking family, where some of his earliest memories bring running through his family vineyards and picking peaches, apples, Porcini mushrooms and chestnuts.  He immigrated to California in 1985.

Kuchan family acquired the Kuchan Cellars Estate vineyard in 2016.  It was originally planted in 1925 by the Marchetti family, Italian immigrants.  The old vines still produce, low yielding but incredible fruit.  

Our winemaking is minimal, sustainable and evoking origins of Croatian Zinfandel making, sun drenched on the Adriatic Coast.

Our Old Vine Grenache is reminiscent to French Chateneuf-Du-Pape wines.  All old vines are on St George rootstock.

We planted our new Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard in 2016.  It is Clone 337 on Paulson rootstock. 

Welcome to our California family of hand-crafted world-class wines.  

Welcome to Kuchan Cellars Estate Winery !

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