2017 Kuchan Pinot 


The pinot grapes originate from the coastal region of Monterey County.  This is 100% California Coastal Pinot Noir.  Aged in 25% new oak, this wine is intensely floral, complex, full bodied and classic rendition of California answer to French Burgundy.


SOIL: Pinot Noir is grown with cool Pacific ocean breeze, developing smooth aroma,  sandy, clay loom with Pacific Ocean influence. 

LABEL - feature image of Kazimir Kučan, Davorin's father and Kuchan Wine Crest with Croatian coat of  arms.


The Pinot vineyard is near the Monterrey Bay and benefits from cool ocean breeze. Light influence of oak at 25% new oak integrates complex Pinot-perfume with earthy aromas

  • Hand harvested at 25.5º brix.

  • 100% destemmed

  • Carbonic , whole berry fermentation

  • Aged on the lees in French and American oak, 25% new.

  • Yeast: Native, Lalvin EC 1117. pH 3.50. TA 5.6 g/L.

  • Alcohol 14.1%.

  • 3 barrels produced


Grenache blend gives this wine more body and tanins. It allows for more robust, smoky, spicy flavor pairing.

CHEESE:  Gouda, Lighter Sheep Cheeses

MEATS: Roasted Chicken, Pork Loin, Turkey Burgers

SEAFOOD:  Grilled Salmon , Crab Cioppino

Other:  Pasta dishes with red sauces

SWEET: Raspberry or Cherry Pie


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