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Bartlett Pears

Poire Williams Eau-De-Vie 

Finest California Brandy produced from organic mountain grown Bartlett Pears

375ml, 40% ABV


Ultra-premium hand crafted California Eau-De-Vie.   We source pears from the small family owned farm at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada where cool evenings produce incredible, aromatic fruit.


This Eau-De-Vie is not flavored, but all the alcohol is produced from fermentation and distillation of the fruit.  All you have in the bottle is pears, yeast and water.  We also use two noble strains of champagne and sauvignon-blanc yeast to slowly extract beautiful esthers characteristic for this majestif California fruit.


Tasting Notes : "The nose offers cinnamon spice, brown sugar, raisins and bright, fresh pear fruit with a softness not often found in eau-de-vies. The palate shows firm pears, cinnamon and floral characteristics."


Chill, do not freeze and serve as an aperitif or in great cocktails such as Sidecar instead of the grape brandy.

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