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100% Rye

Pot Still



Goldrun Rye Whiskey

Redefining Rye Whiskey - from grain to bottle


More like a Rye Eau-De-Vie, Old World Spirits redefines what pure Rye whiskey was meant to be. 750ml, 45% ABV

Tasting Notes: Aromas of freshly baked bread, breakfast cereal, honecomb, golden meadows, madagascar vanilla, winter apple, apricot, persimmon.


D&M Tasting notes: "Goldrun Rye has aromas of fresh baked rye bread, yeasty with hints of warm rye cereal. The palate is fruity and bready, with a soft touch of spice. Goldrun Rye is extremely unique and is like no other rye on the market. ...You will find aromas of fresh marmalade on rye toast with a touch of honey and a handful of pecans. There are hints of honey, cereal, and fresh persimmons on the palate. And some nice, spicy rye comes through on the back palate moving forward so the fruit does not turn sweet. The finish is all fresh rye"

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