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Kuchan Chardonnay 2016_edited.png

2016 Kuchan Chardonnay


Almost Gone.


Delicious Santa Cruz Mountain chardonnay.  Aged Sur-lie.  Malolactic.  30% new oak.

Excellent chilled or in classic Croatian 'gemisht'.  Mixed with sparkling water on a hot day.

Full bodied, yet refreshing chardonnay. 

LABEL - proudly feature image of Nadica Kučan, Davorin's mother, who provided original inspiration for Old World Spirits / Kuchan Cellars.


CHEESE:  Brie, Camembert, Fontina

MEATS: Chicken, light fish, cod, trout

SEAFOOD:  Grilled Branzino,  Calamari, pickled anchovies with sweet butter and corn baguette

OTHER:  Grilled orange peppers, stuffed mushrooms

SWEET: apples, strawberries, peach pie


Now till gone

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