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Three great things about vodka

Well, there is a reason that vodka represents over 40% of all spirits sold and consumed in the US. Cynics may argue that it is most advertised spirit, but vodka is truly a versatile spirit. You can drink it straight, and mixed while its protean nature molds into any flavor you may crave at the time.

Don't take me wrong, we love Gin. In fact, Blade Gin is our flagship product and the first big brand we launched. But vodka has three things going for it.

1. Versatility

Yes, you CAN have it "YOUR WAY". Vodka requires minimal tinkering to make a great cocktail. Add any juice and you have "Vodka Juice". This is more difficult to accomplish with classic gins, although Blade, being fruit forward and more balanced that traditional old-school gins comes close. And if you really have no imagination at the moment, shake it with an olive or citrus twist and you have an instant party.

2. Simplicity

The reason beer and wine are more frequently used is that they can be drank straight out of the bottle. Of course, I could not advocate chugging St. Blaise Vodka out of a bottle, but typically, with most spirits, you need some type of a mixer to make it work. That requires some knowledge, experience and creativity, which most folks lack while trying to barbecue or watch a game. Vodka comes as close to a 'go-to' spirits as you can get. Even adding some sparkling water with a lime wedge makes it a low sugar refreshing beverage for the masses.

3. Quicker and longer relationships

Drinking spirits straight is like drinking espresso. They are concentrated, pure and strong. But sometimes, like with my coffee, I like to have a longer relationship with my drink. In other words, vodka makes it easy to prepare, mix and the drink can be as diluted as possible with minimal effects on the flavor. Compared to water down whiskey or rum, which at 10% taste like a spent dishwater, vodka diluted tastes largely like.... water. So easy and quick to prepare yet can be enjoyed at a lower proof for longer. Like a slow cruise, you can nurse that buzz with minimal sugar and add ons :-)

We waited 8 years to create an awesome vodka. It is no big secret that there is a lot of BS marketing in vodka confusing people about distillation, process etc. But understandably so, as the prizes are big. Vodka is truly a gateway spirit for the masses transitioning from wine and beer and a versatile, simple spirit that not only promotes relationships but keeps them going longer.

To taste an awesome California craft vodka, both straight and peach, check out @oldworldspirits @stblaisevodka at and ask your local bar or retail store to carry it. Or come by one of our Friday tastings 5:30-9 in Belmont and pick up a few bottles yourself.


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