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St. Blaise Craft Vodka

Croatia Dreaming in California

Single Pot Still, Ultra Premium Vodka


Croatian immigrant have been coming to California for over a century, especially since the Pacific reminded them of their beloved Adriatic Sea.  They were farmers, fishermen, winegrowers and brought with them the love of good food, Zinfandel, hand made spirits, music and strong family values.

Every year, Croatians celebrate the feast day of St. Blaise with colorful processions while blessing their throats, particularly in Dubrovnik, a medieval jewel of the Mediterranean recently made popular by Game of Thrones and Star Wars, both of which were partially filmed there.

With St. Blaise Vodka, we honor St. Blaise, the protector of our beloved Dubrovnik and the patron saint of the throat.

89 Points




Award winning California Crafted Vodka - Triple- filtered water from California Toulomne River, Yosemite, California.


750ml. 40% ABV


St. Blaise has flavors of spicy wheat, toasted agave and whipped cream.  We use the finest Northern California Yosemite / Toulomne River triple-filtered spring water.    


St Blaise redefines California Craft Vodka.


"A Nice, Zesty Vodka" - Tastings International Spirits Review

89 Points - Wine Enthusiast

Tastings Notes:   

Style: Fruity, delicate 

Aroma: vanilla nuts and honeycomb  

Flavor: horchata, chalk, cotton candy  

Smoothness: Silky and Smooth

Finish: Confectioner's sugar 

Enjoy: in cocktails on the rocks  

Bottom Line:  Unbelieveable

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